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Something that CookieClicker desperately misses..

nsciencenscience Posts: 3Member an overview of changes over time.

Since this game is all about improvements, all of the Dopamine and Joy comes from the impact/effect of upgrades and co. But only if you are actually able to retrace them (in a userfriendly way) for each change in form of a comparison between new_state and old_state.
And thats not optimal at its current state mho since an overview over a timeframe is lacking.

So, to enjoy that more instead of just simple numbers that sometimes just change too fast, esp if you get multiples achievments and upgrades at same time, my suggestion and question would be the following:

How about adding a Graphplotter to the game?
One that shows the cps of any selceted building, and/or other important selected values as Graphs, free configurable (eg via buttons, which graphs you want to see in the diagram - like graphs in windows perfmon, or the graphs from settlers 2 etc)
So you have an overview of changes over time

THAT would be awesome! :)

if thats too much work, id ask for an option to log all changes to a "file", eg writes to localstorage and can be saved via user interaction like its possible with the savegames. This logger should write and include all current values (cps, #of achis, buildings, kitten- and hc- multipliers, cps of each group of building, etc) on each change in the Multipliers (either by upgrades or achievments) - in a format that can be read e.g. by excel.
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