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New Game: Bee Clicker

firefliesfireflies Posts: 56Member ✭✭
Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce my new game - it is still a work in progress, but I have a fair amount of content on there to keep you going:

What it is about:

The central premise of the game is that you are a bee - the game starts out in a conventional manner - collect nectar and pollen by clicking the bee, buy flowers of increasing power/cost to bring more nectar and pollen. There is a shiny "Honey" that you can collect - get enough of them and you'll get some upgrades to help you. Some flowers will grant you honey and some will need honey to buy.

Each flower has an upgrade at 10 and 25 purchases - double power and 10% price reduction accordingly.

When you get enough honey, the game takes a bit of a twist, as it will be representing an organisation - you get to buy a trial membership to a performing arts academy, convert it to a full membership, and begin building your skills.

You have an energy level that will be depleted with purchases, and slowly recuperates over time

You are granted talent points as a one off - take care to allocate them wisely so that you can collect one of each of the three skills (singing, acting, dancing), and when you reach a certain stage later in the game, there is a special challenge.

The challenge is a game within the game - another idle clicker within, with the aim of reaching a minimum number of points by spending stamina wisely. You have a set amount of stamina, and if you spend it all on the wrong purchases, you won't achieve the score necessary to win. If you fail or abandon the challenge, your progress is reset and when you retry, you will start at the beginning of the challenge again.

All feedback gratefully received!

Planned content updates:

1) Two more challenges for the remaining two skills - these will be very different from the first challenge but still with the same premise of being a game within the game

2) A prestige/reset system that unlocks higher purchases, fast-tracking for the early stages, the ability to achieve higher scores in the challenge(s)

3) More achievements to reflect the efforts of players

I am also open to any ideas you have that are in-keeping with the theme(s)


  • RadicalRobotRadicalRobot Posts: 37Member ✭✭
    Nice game! It's an interesting concept for a game! I would like to see some more flavour text for the buildings, ect. And also the background is tiled but i don't know if that was intentional. I would love to see more for this game!
    Stay Radical!
  • firefliesfireflies Posts: 56Member ✭✭
    @RadicalRobot Thanks for the feedback - I will be polishing up the layout and descriptions a bit as soon as I can :)

    The tiling was the default behaviour for the background but I should be able to adjust that with css.

    I am aware the buildings need more clarity on how many resources per second they provide, and that will be included in an update soon.
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