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The People's idle game: made entirely by player suggestions

Eye9Eye9 Member Posts: 23 ✭✭
edited December 5 in Games
(100th post in this subforum!)

I'm probably not the first person to do this, and it's not entirely my idea anyway, but can it be done and can it be made good?
i wonder...

I started with the first line: "Let's make a game!" from now on only others can add stuff.

What i allow right away:
- Adding things
- tweaking things you made
- submitting spritesheets
- adding settings that do not yet exist
- tweaking small sections of CSS
- starting off the CSS files (early on)

what requires votes from this thread:
- tweaking a thing that you didn't make
- changing settings that allready exist
- deleting things you didn't make

what must require my approval:
- overriding CSS
- deleting other's things (ik, it fits in both sections)

what can't compute in terms of suggestions:
- all suggestions must be PG-13
- haters can't suggest things
- lines like "'let's make a game!" and "forumpost:x" can't be edited.
- The name WILL BE "The People's Idle game"

pastebin source: HRnVLGgU
all i can do is hope...
Nothing to see here, move on now.
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