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Two questions, one about infinity and one about building production.

awesum8rawesum8r Posts: 2Member
Is there a way to make buildings produce other buildings without increasing the price?

Is it possible to “break infinity” like in Antimatter Dimensions? Breaking infinity allows you to go past 2^1024.


  • firefliesfireflies Posts: 56Member ✭✭
    You can set buildings to not have a cost increase. I don't think you can avoid infinity aside from reducing the increases to keep within the limits...

    One other method would be to swap out buildings at a certain point - when you get x numbers of a building, you could swap it out (hide it and show the next level of that same building) with a lower price...

    for example you could have a multiplier phase - your resources change from "resource" to "M Resources", you take the existing resource, divide it by a million, divide the resource gain per second by a million, and divide building costs by a million... put as many phases in as needed to keep the numbers within limits.
  • AmnesiacWizardAmnesiacWizard Posts: 2Member
    There are multiple ways you could prevent the price from increasing on your buildings. The easiest way is to use the command "cost increase:X%". This will allow you to customize the rate of price increase for a specific building without affecting the rates for anything else(if you want to set a standard for everything use "building cost increase:X%" in the settings section of your code, if you do not set a value for this it will use the default which is 115%). Setting it at 100% will prevent the building from increasing it's price when purchased. I haven't tested it, but setting it below 100% may decrease the price on purchase. Depending on your specific needs, there are other methods that may be more helpful. If you still want the price to increase when the building is purchased manually, but do not want it to increase when it is being bought through other means, I recommend using the "lower cost of thingSelector by X" command. For example, if a building is producing another building automatically, you can set the same building to automatically readjust the price after every purchase it makes. My personal strategy would be to use the command "multiply cost of thingSelector by X" and set the value to exactly what would be required to nullify the effects of the price increase. If you're lazy with math, the value you would want for that will be 100/(percentage of building cost increase). For 115%, which is the default, that would come out to exactly 20/23 or ~.8695(100/115). You could even write an expression that calculates the value for you so that even if you change the rate of price increase, your code automatically accounts for it. Hope this helped. Good luck!
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