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How to resize buttons with CSS on Idle Game Maker? [SOLVED]

NyanSwordNyanSword Posts: 3Member
edited November 2018 in Developer's Lounge
Disclaimer: First post on here, so please don't mind if I do something wrong, or just bring it to my attention.

My friends and I have recently been working on a Idle Game Maker game and we have come across a minor problem one of you probably know how to fix. The sprite we want to use for the main button in the game is rectangular but the button only supports squares. We were able to get the icon to become rectangular, but that was only in the icon next to the cookies count. We want to resize the square button into a rectangular one. Anyone know how to do this?

P.S. I can't post links to here because my account was made yesterday, also I don't know how to do the spoilers tab. If you need the code to give me a solution, tell me how to do the spoilers and I will respond ASAP.
Thank you!
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  • morkysherkmorkysherk Posts: 133Member ✭✭✭
    I think
    .button { width: [width]px height: [height]px }
    should work
  • NyanSwordNyanSword Posts: 3Member
    edited November 2018
    I figured it out, it should be
    .thing.bigButton { width:#px; height:#px; }

    You can put what ever numbers you need where the # are.

    My original issue was I didn't know how to, I guess you could say declare(?) the button in the CSS code. Also, i think it is important to say what I named my button is "bigButton", but if you name it something else be sure to use that. (Just in case you don't know what your button is called because I didn't when I originally posted this, it is what you put next to the asterisk* under the button tab.)

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