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*I need Prestige Help!*

00DogeCubeGamer0000DogeCubeGamer00 Posts: 4Member
edited November 2018 in Developer's Lounge
I wanted to try this out in my Cookie Clicker 2.0 type of thing, I need help to make a Prestige sort of system, i'll explain what I want it to be like here.

When you have only 1 cookie earned first, you'll be able to (Prestige) and its description says: (Click this to restart the game completely and earn Heavenly Chips.), and you'll then gain +1 Heavenly chip for 1 cookie earned, and everything shall be reset, then the reset cost for cookies becomes 2, 4, 8, and so on, making your ability to reset the game harder, but you can gain More heavenly chips in the process of more difficult Prestige costs, i'd also like everything to lose so you can (experience) the prestige's boost.

Also, when you reset the game and earn Heavenly Chips, Each Heavenly chip you earn as the currency will make buildings +1x more effective and the cookie you click on, is this even possible?

I'd also like (Heavenly Chips) to be spendable and if you spend Heavenly Chips, you LOSE the +1x more effective boost, since you lost 1 Heavenly Chip for spending it.

I keep failing to make a prestige and I seriously need advice for help at this point, because I do want to create a prestige feature for my future games with IGM, and I DO want it to boost stuff as well, I don't want prestige to just be a currency to spend on, I also want it to make the game easier by boosting certain stuff.

I don't know if a prestige system is possible like this, but I think it is, and I want this question answered properly for advice I need about this stuff, I hope I said it clearly so people understand what i'm asking.


  • TheBirdBlueTheBirdBlue Posts: 6Member
    Here's the mess that is my Prestige;

      desc:Delete that save file and start from the beginning. (with bonuses)
      on earn:yield ((xp:max/1000000000)+(money:max/1000000)-(nugget:earned)) nugget
      on earn:lose xp (player will lose all of this resource)
      on earn:lose money (player will lose all of this resource)
      on earn:lose distance (player will lose all of this resource)
      on earn:lose notTag:prestige (player will lose all upgrades that are not after prestige upgrades)
      on earn:show notTag:prestige (I have mine set up to when you buy an upgrade it becomes hidden. This will make all those upgrades visable again when they have the requirements to get them)
      on earn:hide distance (hides a resource that the "show notTag:prestige" shows)
      req:1000000000 xp:earned (the requirement to make this available)
      on earn:lose prestige (lose the prestige upgrade so the player can get it again)

    For Heavenly Chips you can have it as a resource that is hidden when the player has none with "hidden when 0" at the bottom of the resource. As long as you have them as a resource all you need to do is include them in the cost of an upgrade. To have it make buildings more proficient and earn more you add a passive to the Heavenly Chips like below;

      passive:multiply yield of :Buildings by ((heavenlyChips)*0.1)

    The 0.1 can be adjusted to how you want it change.

    For the cost you may want to make a hidden resource that counts the number of times the prestige has been bought and use it to help calculate the next cost. For getting it to do the 2, 4, 8, then 16 and beyond, it might be easier to make it a flat multiplication from the prestige count.
  • 00DogeCubeGamer0000DogeCubeGamer00 Posts: 4Member
    edited November 2018
    To: TheBirdBlue

    Can I please have help that is actually not errors?

    I tried this and with my values, this does not quite work out as I expect it to, sadly, because things don't seem to work out.

    Here is something I want you to know.

    The following problems are these from your code:

    on earn:yield ((xp:max/1000000000)+(money:max/1000000)-(nugget:earned)) nugget

    That part is so confusing that it just causes errors for some strange reason whenever I try to change that code to my games fitting.

    I'll list the currencies currently in my game:

    Cookies (used to buy buildings and upgrades) [Gotten from buildings and clicking the giant cookie.]

    Cookie Production Boost (Without this value, there will be no such thing as getting cookies from clicking the giant cookie or from buildings.) [Gotten from Cookie Type Upgrades]

    Heavenly Chips (I am having trouble with this to make a prestige, but this also boosts clicking the giant cookie or from buildings just like the Cookie Production Boost in my game.) [Also used to buy Heavenly Upgrades that stay until you wipe your save and each Heavenly Upgrade costs Heavenly Chips.]
  • TheBirdBlueTheBirdBlue Posts: 6Member
    So for yours you would want to change it to something like;

    on earn:yield ((cookies:earned/1000000000)-(heavenlychips:earned)) heavenlychips

    If you share the pastebin doc I can fine tune it.
  • 00DogeCubeGamer0000DogeCubeGamer00 Posts: 4Member
    edited January 19
    To: TheBirdBlue

    I am having once again, another problem from doing this.

    Though, no error shows up anymore, which is great in my opinion.

    If this is an (Upgrade), this is not properly working for me, and I think you'd be more good at fixing it than I could be.

    I tried to lower the cost of the newgame+ upgrade requirement to 10 cookies, JUST to of course test it out, but once I bought the upgrade called NewGame+, something strange is terribly going on which I don't quite like.

    The first thing I did was get enough (Cookies) for the prestige upgrade, I then purchased the upgrade, and all it did was literally reset everything, and it did NOT award me the heavenly chips like I thought it was supposed to.

    If you could further look into my situation errors, that'd be a great help.

    To fix it for me, here's my pastebin for the game currently:
    h t t p s : / / p a s t e b i n . c o m / x d B E J v n 2
    *Put together that whole link, and you'll get my pastebin thingy to edit around or mess around with if there is any errors that is making this not work properly, I am also using the newest version of idle game maker.*

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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