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Can I change the icon of a building after an upgrade?

Chris_P_BaconChris_P_Bacon Posts: 21Member ✭✭
I want to make the building progressively better, like in Realm Grinder.
Looking for sprite work.


  • tehkilla515tehkilla515 Posts: 31Member ✭✭
    That would be cool, but no, you can not. You can suggest it if you want.
  • firefliesfireflies Posts: 56Member ✭✭
    theoretically, you could have an upgrade that makes one building visible and another invisible, gets the number of the first building owned and subtracts it, adds it to the new building.

    The new building would behave exactly like the previous, just with a new icon - it would be awkward as any references to the building would need to apply to both.
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