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Will posting images to imgur allow them to be put in the game?

RamenGuyRamenGuy Member Posts: 2
I want to know if I can use imgur url's to make icons in my game


  • RamenGuyRamenGuy Member Posts: 2
    I set an imgur link to the background and it has not appeared. do I need to wait a while before the imgur post was made?
  • TheBirdBlueTheBirdBlue Member Posts: 5
    Are you using the imgur page or the direct image link? Does it end with .jpg or .png?
  • NyanSwordNyanSword Member Posts: 3
    edited November 11
    Make sure you aren't using the webpage link put the image's link. This can be done by right clicking (or control-clicking on mac) the image and choosing copy image address. The usable link should be copied. With my experience you do not need to wait.
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