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The Dashnet Army: Reborn

NickCydenNickCyden Posts: 375Member ✭✭
So, this will be a remake of an older game I did with the same name, but with some updated mechanics.
Welcome to the Dashnet army, a place where war always reigns. You've all been recruited to help out the Dashnet Kingdom. Your jobs, are to build buildings and defenses, train recruits, and wage war on other Kingdoms.
Your actions will be taken in turns. You can choose to plan a new building or recruit, or continue working on one already in progress to help decrease the time it takes. Everything will take a number of turns to complete, the more powerful it is, the more turns.(A turn is whenever I post) Everything you build and everyone you train will add more power(P) to your army.

Some buildings will unlock special actions or other buildings. Anyways, that's all, now, go help your army!

Current Buildings:
Castle: 100P

Current Army:
10 Knights: 10P

Total Power:

Other Armies:
Viking Camp: 500P
Cookie Army: 2KP
Darkness Tribe: 5KP


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