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5 suggestions for Pantheon

21102110 Posts: 96Member ✭✭
edited August 2018 in Suggestions
Hi everyone,
Here are 5 suggestions for the pantheon mini-game.

4 extra contents:
1) For 1 sugar lump, turn ruby slot into another diamond slot for 24h
2) For 1 sugar lump, turn jade slot into another diamond slot for 12h
3) Achievement: each god has been diamond-worshipped for at least 24 consecutive hours
4) Each swap can be done 5% sooner per temple level, up to 50%

And 1 change:
5) Godzamok boost is triggered right when a building is sold. But when we sell different types of buildings, we have to sell them during the 10s buff boost. It would be nice if Godzamok started, say, 10 seconds after the first sale, so we have time to sell everything we want before.
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