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Prestige level can't end in 7

cll90cll90 Posts: 1Member
I'm trying to get my total prestige level ending in 777,777 to unlock the 3 last prestige upgrades. I turned off short numbers, I calculated the number I need (867241), I got close and sold buildings to go slowly. The 5 first digits won't be a problem, but the last digit has to be a 1, which is impossible since my level prestige always adds +4. No matter how slow I get, and even in challenge mode starting from scratch, I can't get less than 4 prestige levels at a time. (my total level and level for this run are both multiples of 4)

Does anybody know why??? Maybe it's linked to the negative number of cookies needed for the next level, but I don't know how I got that either.

Thank you! :)

I can't put a screenshot but here are the info in Legacy:
Your prestige level is currently 29,867,044,089,910,536.
Ascending now would grant you 848,432 prestige levels and 848,432 heavenly chips to spend
You need -1.6,556,073,235,389,135e+47 more cookies for the next level


  • BillaboBillabo Posts: 1,324Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Mod
    It's because you cheated and got so many prestige levels that the number of cookies needed to advance overflowed into a negative number.
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