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My buttons class

Hey, im not that good with editing, coding, or anything around that type, but i do try, and love it all, the whole make your own game, im very excited and completely love it, but after using photoshop to clip out the white background on my button picture and make it transparent, something happened, my button had another exact picture next to it, just, cut in half, i wonder if i can move the image over alittle or something to stop thing or if i could change the buttons size with the class:bigButton thing, i was going the Class as i have no idea how to work photoshop aswell either, and thought it would be easier then watching days of videos to figure out how to do it, so i would love some help on this, to help fit my picture onto the button, i would rather do this myself, was i would learn from it and beable to do more from it, but if thats impossible for you to explain, ill be fine with you giving me all the codes, thank you guys so much!!
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