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1000 doors (Forum Game)

PointedBatPointedBat Member Posts: 44 ✭✭
edited August 5 in Playground
Hi! This is my first discussion... and it's a forum game. Yup.
Basically there are, well... 1000 doors and every door you open leads to a new room, which all have different things in, and will drop items sometimes. This game has classes in it, which start off as the basic Survivor class (a knife and a flashlight), and branch off into others. The Survivor can take 4 different class trees: Offence, Defence, Magic and Firearms. The classes will be revealed after the first person levels up. I will also act from time to time. So, let's begin!

A wooden door swings open, leading into a stone room with a box in it. What do you do? (actions will be acknowledged in order of appearance)
Currently hosting a forum game that has NOT yet started. A World Of Red And White, AKA AWORAW.
Also a little game which is basically dead at this point, but who cares? It's called 1000 Doors.

snek is suffer
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