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Breath of Milk vs Earth Shatterer

bob_32_116bob_32_116 Posts: 788Member ✭✭✭
The conventional wisdom has been that when at the stage of repeatedly casting Spontaneous Edifice to get the 400th chancemaker and then selling it, it's best to have Earth Shatterer installed in order to maximise the return from the sale of the building. This was probably true prior to the latest release (2.0109).

A couple of things in the latest release have changed the equation. Firstly, the resale value with ES has fallen from 85% to 50%, a drop of 35%. The resale value without ES has also fallen, but only from 50% to 25%, i.e. a drop of only 25%. This means that ES does not give quite the dramatic boost that it used to.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, there have been new doubling upgrades added, and most significantly extra kittens. Each kitten gives a big boost. For example in my current game the multiplier from kittens jumps from 7.4 million without Kitten Analysts to 26 million after acquiring it. This is with Breath of Milk installed. With BOM replaced by ES, the figures for the kitten multiplier are about 5 million and 16 million respectively. In other words, BOM gives a big production advantage, and this advantage is more significant the more kittens you have.

The upshot of this is that the extra production from BOM may outweigh the advantage of ES. Which is better depends on two things - the current CpS, and how frequently the SE spell is cast. The latter of course depends on individual playing style, so it's not possible to give an explicit point at which BOM becomes better than SE.

In my case I estimate that on average I cast SE 8 times per day. Sometimes it's a lot more, sometimes less, it depends on my day's activities. This value of 8 is incorporated in my spreadsheet. In my live game I have kitten analysts and my CPS is 1.8 undecillion; in my beta game I don't have kitten analysts yeet and the CpS is only 13.2 decillion. It turns out that BOM is better than ES in my live game, but ES is still better in the beta game.

The message: don't assume that you should automatically switch to Earth Shatterer when you hit the 400th Chancemaker. Check the numbers. It may be better to keep Breath of Milk.
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