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All these Random Drop Boosters somehow just makes it worse...

BlackDragonBlackDragon Posts: 95Member ✭✭
edited July 2018 in General Discussion
It starts with the Let It Snow, Spooky Cookies and Hide & Seek Champion achievements. Then came Krumblor's Mind Over Matter Aura. Starsnow -terror and -spawn Prestige Upgrades, along with the Omelette set in one of the carry-over slots. Then Celebrak, Spirit of Festivities, slotted Diamond in the Pantheon. And most recently, a full-sized field of mature Keenmoss with Clay Soil, and the Green Yeast Digestives purchased, just for good measure...

...and still you're left on 5/7 Christmas-Cookies for hours on end, Reindeer after Reindeer failing to drop anything.

Somehow, it feels worse than back when you basically had no way to change the odds. After putting so much effort into raising them, turning every dial and tweaking every possible and imaginable factor in your favor, it feels like you SHOULD be getting those random drops within a short span of time. But you don't. Once most of the cookies have been collected, the last couple become PAINFULLY rare, and no amount of drop-increasing measures help in any real way. At least with Easter and Halloween-cookies, you can 'save-scum' by repeatedly popping Wrigglers, and even then it can take an annoyingly long time... the Christmas-Cookies, though, that's just a pain, particularly if you usually tend towards idling...

Ah, damn, a Reindeer snuck by while I was writing this! Come back here, you gingerbread bastard! :O
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