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I'm back! What should I make next?

Waki_RunasutiWaki_Runasuti Posts: 41Member ✭✭
edited July 2018 in General Discussion
I've been gone forever and the site's been in decline! What should I make now to restart it again?
Though my signature is in English, you may call the word "signature" any one of these things!

handtekening, nënshkrim, تَوْقِيع, ստորագրություն, imza, по́дпіс, স্বাক্ষর, по́дпис, ဆိုင်း, signatura, 簽字, podpis, underskrift, handtekening, subskribo, allkiri, undirskrift, allekirjoitus, signature, ხელმოწერა, Unterschrift, υπογραφή, חֲתִימָה, हस्ताक्षर, aláírás, undirskrift, paraf, síniú, firma, 署名, sîngnatuthe, қол, ហត្ថលេខា, 서명, кол, ລາຍເຊັນ, subscriptiō, paraksts, parašas, по́тпис, tandatangan, hainatanga, гарын үсэг, underskrift, امضا, podpis, assinatura, semnătură, по́дпись, ainm-sgrìobhte, потпис (potpis), අත්සන, podpis, firma, saini, underskrift, имзо, имза, సంతకం, ลายเซ็น, imza, gol, пі́дпис, دستخ, ئىمزا, imzo (qo'l), chữ ký, allkiri, or, חתימה.

I'm back! What should I make next? 8 votes

Update the language generator
SwingWingFrances 2 votes
A meme generator!
chaosgenerators 1 vote
A hoi4 mod generator
ViniSuperHammy3 2 votes
Something else
BrainstormfishdavidsonYosukeHanamura 3 votes


  • SwingWingSwingWing Posts: 34Member ✭✭
    Update the language generator
    Alternatively a Neopets Obelisk War subfaction generator.
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