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Freezing garden doesn't stop plant growth?

richeyrockricheyrock Posts: 6Member
The description says it stops plants from growing, but I find if I freeze my garden for a time - let's say as soon as they hit blooming stage, and a few hours later unfreeze it, the plants suddenly all switch to mature. It this how it's supposed to work, or is it a bug? It has always done this.


  • bacon2015bacon2015 Posts: 22Member ✭✭
    it's a glitch:the freezing glitch.
  • 21102110 Posts: 96Member ✭✭
    When you freeze your garden, the current tick interval still goes do its end, then the next one will start only when you unfreeze your garden.
    Does the universe have a temporal end? Either yes or no, the answer is absolutely frightening...
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