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No Frenzy with Elder Pact

vannersvanners Posts: 1Member
Error for V. 2.0106
Frenzy golden cookies do not spawn when Elder Pact is operating. They resume as soon as Elder Pledge or Elder Covenant is activated. Some things that may make a difference:
* Fully upgraded garden with Elderwort in every plot
* All Prestige upgrades unlocked
* All upgrades unlocked except Chocolate Egg (available but not bought), and Sacrificial Rolling Pins
* No cheats (ever)
* Have used Cookie Monster plug-in, but it also occurs in fresh browser that never used it
* Have tried multiple seasons. Does not seem to make a difference.
* Prestige Level > 73 billion
* All buildings > 400 except chance makers (> 380)
* 351 achievements
* Happens with Edge and Brave (Chrome clone) browsers, maybe all browsers - those are the two I checked
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