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Sugar lump bug

simao_monsimao_mon Posts: 2Member
Before describing what happened to me I just want to say two things:

1 - I don't know if this was a bug or just a realy rare ocasion that I've never heard about.
2 - I have been playing cookie clicker for a few years and I've never used any console cheats, so the following bug wasn't caused by console cheating.

So, the last few months I really got into cookie clicker and everytime I turn my PC on I leave an open tab on chrome with cookie clicker running and check on it from time to time. Yesterday when I was getting ready to go to sleep I went to check on the game before turning the pc off and when I looked to the corner where the sugar lumps grow, I noticed that instead of a sugar lump, there was an icon in its place, just like the icon for the Bank achievements and upgrades (a bag of money), but it was golden (kinda like the icon for the "It's the economy, stupid" achievement), and it said there was 1 day and 16 hours to reach maturity.
As I had never seen a golden sugar lump i thought that i had gotten one and that that's what it looked like, so i saved the game and exported the save so i could show my friends that i finally got a golden sugar lump. I eventualy didn't go to sleep and actually did some researh about it and ended up watching a movie.
Again getting ready to finally go to sleep, 3 hours later i went to check on the game again, and this time instead of the icon i mentioned previously, there was a different icon. It was the icon for the Temple achievements but also golden (like the "Fanaticism" achievement, saying there was 1 day and 13 hours to reach maturity and i assumed that it was just the various stages of the golden sugar lump.
So what i did next was save the game and then i refreshed the page. After refreshing the page, instead of the icon there was just a regular sugar lump, saying there were 18 hours and 59 minutes to reach maturity.
Then i was like: NO, NO, NO... WTF!! where is my golden sugar lump!!!???
So i tried refreshing the page again and again, many times but nothin happened...
Then I remembered that I had exported a save earlier and I imported it to another browser, but still nothing...
So I opened a new game and actually used cheats to spawn a golden sugar lump so i could see if it was really a golden sugar lump that had appeared in my original game, and realised it wasn't.

My question is: Were the icons instead of a sugar lump just a bug or was it something really really rare?

Any help is appreciated!

Sorry for any bad english. It is not my native language


  • BillaboBillabo Posts: 1,321Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Mod
    Looks like the same thing happened here:
    and the cause is probably (this is just a guess) Chrome's tab didn't update correctly when the sugar lump should have fallen, so the ripe time displayed as more than one day. The reason a different icon showed up is because the icon is based on how long is left before the lump falls, and those icons that showed up are before the sugar lump icons in the spritesheet. When you refreshed your page, the normal sugar lump showed up again because it correctly recalculated the ripe time, and displayed the associated sugar lump icon.
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  • simao_monsimao_mon Posts: 2Member
    Oh, ok.
    I suspected it was a bug but i wanted to make sure and see if it had happened to other people.
    Thanks for your reply!
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