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have you ever died in a duel with the sun?

qpmc_shitpostsqpmc_shitposts Posts: 29Member
It's been over a month since my last shitpoll

have you ever died in a duel with the sun? 9 votes

UiomancantAbsolqpmc_shitposts 3 votes
Brainstorm 1 vote
¤RunninginReverse¤ 1 vote
BurnCookieCarmoryYosukeHanamuratobias_lead 4 votes


  • SwingWingSwingWing Posts: 34Member ✭✭
    Your sentence for treasonous acts shall be treason.
  • CarmoryCarmory Posts: 2,982Member, Wiener ✭✭✭✭
    hobby of infringement
  • ViniVini Posts: 3,583Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    So. What can be considered a duel? How does one fight a star, in the traditional sense? I'll tell you. One doesn't. For stars do not qualify for any sort of ruleset, of any kind of fair (or even unfair) duel, known to any sentient lifeform. Simply put, most of those rulesets can bar a star from participating on such duels because of two conditions, which, if not obvious to you yet, will be now. Number one: stars aren't humanoid. This alone should be enough. Even on fictional settings, any sort of conflict sufficiently formal (aka: a duel) is had between two humanoid figures. And number two: stars aren't human-sized. If the former point didn't sell you on the fact that dueling with a star is absurd to say the least, this one will. Now, I'm not talking about "human-sized" like cars are car-sized. Even a creature as large as a house, under the right conditions, could perform in a duel against your normal, run-of-the-mill person. No, the problem here is how massive stars are compared to the aforementioned lifeforms, no matter which. A traditional duel does not happen when one of the combatants is a star, plain and simple. No. I know what this was supposed to mean. This is metaphorical. It's an analogy for man and his wish to thrive in the face of cosmic adversity. "Death" and "duel", in this context, mean the same thing, which is the fact that you have read this (very uncharacteristic, I may add) wall of text of mine on a thread whose primary purpose is low-effort satire. Do yourself a favor and stop. Go check another thread, or another website, or the outside, or the inside if you're already out. I'll just finish this badly formatted wall now, so it's not like you're losing anything. And therefore, "duel" here, in this very specific and surprisingly philosophical context, can even be translated to "surrender", either the noun or the verb. With all that said, I must admit that, yes, I, indeed, have died in at least one duel with the sun.

    But not the Sun, coz that'd be silly.

  • ¤RunninginReverse¤¤RunninginReverse¤ Posts: 15,846Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
    So THAT'S how the forums died.
    New game.
  • BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Lol why just use infinite water hack from minecraft
    "Calm your caps, bro." -Brainstorm

    the following link is the best thing that could happen to you:

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  • AbsolAbsol Posts: 334Member, Wiener ✭✭✭
    Many times.
    Why does nobody on this site play FE
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