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my predictions for smash bros ultimate (cool thread)

PalutenaPalutena Member Posts: 492 ✭✭✭✭✭
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when smash bros was announced for switch i started to make predictions for many game features (just like a lot of people) and i want to see how many i will get right. i decided to make this thread to put all my predictions in. none of these preditions will be to do with tier lists because that's completely unpredictable and takes years to develop

first off - predictions before e3 that have been confirmed to be correct or wrong

prediction - result - VERDICT

game features-

five cuts will be made - well sakurai knows that nobody likes cuts so we keep everyone - WRONG
no custom moves - i'm 99.9% sure they're deconfirmed now. no custom button on the character select screen - CORRECT
some characters would lose their counters and get better replacement moves - as far as i can tell no one has lost their boring counter - WRONG
any character who gets cut will return as dlc - no one got cut anyway - IRRELEVANT
"rage" will be gone or less stupid - it's confirmed to be back but it might have been changed - WRONG?
ledge trumping will be back - it's back - CORRECT


one cut will be made, if it's doc, he will be a mario alt - no cuts - WRONG
odyssey mario with odyssey moveset - he has cappy and odyssey alts but his moveset is the same - HALF CORRECT
waluigi is honestly a 50/50 here - HE DIDNT MAKE IT IN - i can't say correct or wrong here because i said 50/50
daisy is possible but very unlikely - daisy somehow made it in - WRONG i guess
bowser will have an odyssey skin - i'm pretty sure he doesn't - WRONG, but maybe he will appear as a trophy
botw zelda will be in - she isn't - WRONG
ridley won't make it lololololol - wait. he actually made it. - WRONG
dark pit will make it back because sakurai is bias - he made it in but thats because everyone is in - CORRECT (technically)
one of corrin or lucina gets cut, lucina may become a marth alt - you get the idea by now, no cuts were made - WRONG
roy ike and robin have to stay - ... - CORRECT

wolf is coming back - he is back - CORRECT
a pokemon will be cut - no - WRONG
all solo reps will make it back, even wii fit and rob - (space) - CORRECT
mega man's special moveset will be changed - as far as i know it's the same - WRONG?
ice climbers return - they are back - CORRECT


they wont add a stage hazard switch - nvm they actually delivered - WRONG
omegas are coming back and BF like forms if we are lucky - BF and FD forms both confirmed - CORRECT
new splatoon stage - well this one was just a free point - CORRECT
odyssey stage - we saw a few seconds of it soooo - CORRECT
botw stage - we got the plateau tower - CORRECT

returning stages-

brawl yoshi's island is back - i think it got confirmed - CORRECT?
exactly one of smashville and town+city will come back - both are confirmed now - WRONG
dreamland back - indeed it is - CORRECT
pokemon stadium 1 and yoshi's story have a decent chance - both are confirmed - CORRECT
lylat and prism tower not making it - both are confirmed - CORRECT

the following stages being back: hyrule temple, flat zone, arena ferox, pictochat, palutena's temple, wily castle - all of those were confirmed - CORRECT
only one of unova/kalos league, only one of skyworld/reset bomb forest - all of those confirmed two - WRONG
coliseum, brawl mario circuit, balloon fight, find mii, living room, tomodachi life, spirit train, tortimer island, mushroomy kingdom, warioware, 75m, pac-land and great cave will almost certainly not make it - all those listed stages returned - WRONG


my current predictions

game features-

the final roster will have 73 characters - current number just reached 73 so this might be off
classic mode will be actually good this time - this one looks good! - CORRECT
story/adventure mode will be on par with melee
no smash run or smash tour (EW)
boss mode will be back
BREAK THE TARGETS comes back, not the angry birds ripoff
event mode will be locked to start with because of the starting roster being so small (bowser is in the first event by tradition and it is hinted he will be an unlockable)
new "trophies" mode to continue the trend
multiman mode will go unchanged, except with a new type of enemy (??)
probably some kind of replacement for customs
only 1 new character with a counterattack down B will be introduced - k rool seems to have one, and i assume chrom too - WRONG
trophies will total up to 999
songs will total up to 750 - it surpasssed 800 - close guess but not quite!


geno is possible but quite unlikely, he was considered before so this might be his chance
either funky kong or k.rool will be added but not both - K ROOL CONFIRMED
no other new zelda rep
at least one new fe rep will be added (well it's not going to be lyn...) - chrom confirmed - CORRECT
new kirby rep probable (bandana dee most likely)
at least 1 new pokemon being added, will either rep gen 3 or gen 7
jigglypuff: no changes
ashley will not be in smash
shadow will also not be in smash
new xenoblade rep, probably rex and pyra

new arms rep, probably spring man
i can see chibi robo making it in
one character from an old obscure game
NO MINECRAFT- wait this one actually seems worryingly possible but i still doubt it
sora kingdom hearts is a safe bet here
simon belmont (castlevania) is another safe bet - he's in - CORRECT
rayman i don't see happening, neither do i see crash, shovel knight, banjo/kazooie or spyro coming (although spyro would be the dream come true for me) - shovel knight is IN!... as an assist trophy
i honestly don't know if shantae will be in or not


new arms stage coming
fountain of dreams has a chance - it's BACK - CORRECT
gerudo valley is probably coming back
orbital gate is def coming back, even though it was bad

now it's time to play the waiting game and see how correct (or wrong) i am!
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  • ¤RunninginReverse¤¤RunninginReverse¤ Member, Friendly Posts: 15,828 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Tbh, this might be surprising given who this is but I agree with you on "NO UNDERTALE."

    I don't feel like Undertale is a fitting source of fighting game characters.

    I'm hoping for some sort of indie game rep, though, no matter how unlikely it actually is.
    SL_ND_R: __RS_S__N__
  • SwingWingSwingWing Member Posts: 33 ✭✭

    Tbh, this might be surprising given who this is but I agree with you on "NO UNDERTALE."

    I don't feel like Undertale is a fitting source of fighting game characters.

    I'm hoping for some sort of indie game rep, though, no matter how unlikely it actually is.

    Ridley for LOVE chart. I don't know, Undyne would work pretty well.
  • ViniVini Member Posts: 3,572 ✭✭✭✭✭
    SwingWing said:

    Undyne would work pretty well.

    Undyne would work as well as as Spear using Fire Emblem character.

    Minus the backlash of being a Fire Emblem character.

    Plus the backlash of being an Undertale character.

    And I think it's safe to bet not many people would want either.

  • PalutenaPalutena Member Posts: 492 ✭✭✭✭✭
    updated with 8/8 direct

    predictions i made -
    final total roster is 73 - the current total is 73, with more characters to come probably, so i'm going to be most likely wrong here.
    classic mode will be good - it looks good and definitely much better than smash 4's so this was a good prediction
    only 1 new character with a counterattack - both chrom and king k rool seem to have one so this one is wrong.
    either funky or k.rool - k rool is confirmed
    ANOTHER FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTER - chrom is in, now we can all laugh at this video:
    shadow not in smash - i got really scared when they announced "2 new echo fighters" but luckily he didn't show his face.
    simon belmont being in - he's in!... but nobody saw the echo fighter coming in as well.
    no shovel knight - shovel knight is an assist trophy. that dream is now dead.
    return of fountain of dreams - it is indeed back!

    things revealed that weren't predicted -
    "squad"/"all star" vs mode - this seemed like just a dream, but sakurai turned this into reality.
    dark samus is a fighter
    multiple stocks for stamina mode
    the moon from majora's mask is an assist trophy
    [censored] mode - [censored]
  • BurnCookieBurnCookie Member Posts: 27 ✭✭
    edited November 1
    Hello, it's me, BurnCookie!
    There was a recent update, and due to some unforeseen circumstances, I will be filling in this time.


    Palutena is DEAD. Completely obliterated.
    Not only that, but apparently Wario was supposed to fill in in the case of any catastrophe, according to the "script".
    But now he's dead too. AMAZING!
    In fact, everyone is DEAD thanks to those stupid hands.
    Well, there is one survivor. Kirby.
    Maybe Kirby will eventually save everyone. It should happen within 36 days, then I can once again disgui- wait did I say anything? Naaah.

    So now I'll be going through all the predictions that were made, and see if those were right or wrong.

    1. "The final roster will have 73 characters" Well it depends how you count it. They seem to count Pokemon trainer as one, so the final pre-DLC number is 74. Not a bad guess!

    2. Story/adventure on par with melee - this one looks totally different from both melee and brawl so I'm going to say WRONG (but there is an adventure mode!)

    3. No smash tour - that was an easy prediction.

    4. New "trophies" mode - well trophies seem to be replaced now so...

    5. New multiman enemy - it's still miis WHY??

    6. Some kind of customs replacement like stickers in brawl - well spirits seem to be a mix between that and trophies.

    7. Speaking of counterattacks we now have T H R E E new counters! (Incineroar being the third)

    8. Geno is unlikely - he didn't make it.

    9. No other new zelda rep - at least not pre-DLC.

    10. New kirby rep - nope.

    11. Ashley and Shadow won't be playable - they are both in A.T. jail. CORRECT!

    12. New xenoblade rep (maybe rex) - NOPE HE'S IN MII COSTUME JAIL

    13. Spring man - IS IN A.T. JAIL

    14. Chibi robo? - nope (Mii costume jail)

    15. Sora a safe bet - what a stupid prediction!

    16. Gerudo valley is back.

    OK, that ought to do it!


    There was this "grinch leak" whick "leaked" Shadow and Isaac.
    Guess where they ended up? A.T. JAIL.
    No sign of Geno or any of the others shown in that leak.

    That "Vergeben" guy's leaks were all correct so far, and now he's saying that MINECRAFT is getting representation. Great!

    P L A N T T I M E
    Who's ready for Isabelle vs Piranha Plant Evo 2019 grand finals?
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  • ViniVini Member Posts: 3,572 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Chibi Robo got into Mii Costume Jail, which is better than nothing.

  • BurnCookieBurnCookie Member Posts: 27 ✭✭
    My post got automatically removed when I was changing something... great.
    In case it doesn't get restored:

    I'm filling in for this update.

    Palutena was obliterated forever for at least 36 days.
    Wario was also obliterated. In fact, everyone was obliterated except Kirby.

    Ken, Ininceroar and Piranha Plant
  • BillaboBillabo Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Posts: 1,299 Mod

    My post got automatically removed when I was changing something... great.

    I gotcha 👌
    Fire Emblem: Fates castle address
  • BurnCookieBurnCookie Member Posts: 27 ✭✭
    While I'm here, I might as well make some final predictions for this while we wait for Kirby to (hopefully) bring everyone back from being obliterated. We've already seen it's possible, since you can see Ness and Inkling on the overworld.
    Snake's codec will not come back. Palutena's guidance will also probably not return, and I'm doubtful of even a replacement.
    At one point during the adventure mode, Kirby will also get obliterated.
    Classic mode's difficulty system will be back to brawl's, and not the 0.0 to 9.0 thing from smash 4 (and also kid icarus uprising)
    A total of 999 spirits in the game (ok I just stole the 999 trophy prediction and modified it a bit)
    There will be one boss taken from Zelda, one from Metroid, one from Kirby, one from Kid icarus uprising, one from Sonic, probably one from Fire Emblem, and who knows? Maybe a surprise one from Shovel Knight or something similar.
    Tabuu will appear as a "secret boss".
    The game will be good
  • BurnCookieBurnCookie Member Posts: 27 ✭✭
    edited November 3
    So how the hell is everyone supposed to come back after all being obliterated? I mean, even gods, evil monsters, and game+watch were destroyed. Well the answer is simple:
    Plot armour So basically while a body can be destroyed, the spirit within is impossible to destroy, so the evil wingy boi tries to destroy everyone's body, take their spirit and create an evil, mindless version of everyone, after recreating the world. Since Kirby survived, the wingy boi failed to achieve its goal fully, and now Kirby's fucking pissed. Oops.
    When Kirby defeats a possessed spirit, it becomes free and manages to regenerate its body somehow "search your soul and reawaken the undying liiiiiiiiiiiight" and tries to bring back everyone this way. (so in a nutshell, plot armour)
    I imagine that Mario will be one of the first to be brought back (of course) and the last ones to be brought back will be Luigi, any extremely powerful characters (based on their source), and of course, Yoshi. actually no yoshi gets left behind because he did the tax fraud
    I can't wait for the return of Palutena in just 34 days. This wait is gonna kill me.

    also the reason Kirby gets to live is sakurai favouritism duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

    EDIT: Well I already made a wrong prediction! The Kid Icarus Uprising difficulty system (0.0 to 9.0) is back. Beating all of Kid Icarus Uprising was already brutal, even for me (it took me over 70 hours) and now I'm going to have to do it with 75 characters.
    Also it seems that events and stadium are for some reason gone completely. RIP

    Also the dev team really hates luigi!
    First Death rips his soul out of his body.
    Then he gets obliterated by the ugly barnacle Galeem.
    And now he's being nerfed to the ground!
    Post edited by BurnCookie on
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