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I done messed up

LavaLampBambooLavaLampBamboo Member Posts: 1
Well, it happened. My game glitched and I lost my save. It's mostly my own fault for not backing up saves more regularly, and I am definitely gonna be doing it more from here on out.

For now, I'm using an add on to try and speed the game up to get back to where I was, but does anyone know of anyways I can just dump a bunch of cookies back into my game? I reckon if I grab about 25 undecillion, I should be just a little bit behind where I left off. Any help appreciated.

I'm mostly just annoyed cause I has just harvested a queensbeet...


  • LathundLathund Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
    There are ways you can cheat, yes. Many ways, in fact. The wiki page has some info on that.
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