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How to decorate children's room

xiao12345xiao12345 Member Posts: 1
How to decorate children's room
As parents, how can we provide children with a small world of learning and living? In 2018, prospective fathers and mothers., how to create a safe and comfortable space for the baby's growth?
The three principles of children's room decoration: 1, safety principles: most children are active, parents should try to choose durable, withstand destructive furniture, while requiring non-toxic materials, environmental protection, the best choice for durable, easy to repair building materials, such as The current new integrated wallboard health decorative materials, soft carpets and so on. 2. Color Principle: Color is best determined according to the child's personality. It is best to focus on bright, pleasant, and relaxed colors to cultivate children's mental health. Introverted children should use color contrast. Wood-plastic wallboard manufacturers often use "color stripe" wallboard in the design of children's rooms. White and blue are more natural, as if they are in nature. 3, comfort principle: try to choose a good ventilation, sunny, quiet room, but also pay attention to adequate lighting, so that the room becomes warm, so that there is a sense of security, eliminate children's fear and loneliness. Wood-plastic wallboard manufacturers in order to meet the various requirements of consumers, with sound insulation effect, easy to scrub, do not worry about children scribbling.


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