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Is IGM "dead"?

EOTWEOTW Posts: 52Member ✭✭
Some of you might know I have a game called Ice Cream Clicker here on IGM. I haven't been working on it recently. I want to keep updating it but the forums have been quiet. Is IGM dead or are people just inactive?

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  • BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭
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  • EOTWEOTW Posts: 52Member ✭✭
  • yetisynyyetisyny Posts: 3Member
    I have played Ice Cream Clicker and a bunch of other idle games. I would like you to keep working on it. Most of the upgrades do not have images at all, and the new currency that is supposed to be unlocked through prestige in Ice Cream Clicker does not actually get unlocked, prestige is pretty pointless. I would like you to fix these things up, it is a fairly good start to an idle game but with those problems it is not quite as good as Peanut Butter Cupper or Grandma Clicker Reborn, and of course none of those games can compare to Wall Destroyer or Cookie Clicker which are both excellent.

    But it IS better than Bunny Clicker, which gets boring quite fast due and you end up having to wait weeks before you can finish the rabbit fortress. So Ice Cream Clicker has that going for it, being better than the official demo game for Idle Game Maker. Although the one thing Bunny Clicker DOES have going for it is, it doesn’t have any bugs and it has good graphics, but it is just way too simple and boring of a game. Bunny Clicker is not as good as Ice Cream Clicker gameplay-wise but I think you can do better if you add more content to your game.

    Anyway my point is, Ice Cream Clicker already is pretty good but you can improve it, make it better! If you put more effort into it you can make it into a very good game. I think the lack of interest is mostly because, at this early point, it really cannot compare to Peanut Butter Cupper, and then as far as Grandma Clicker Reborn goes, a lot of people are interested in that for the lore and connections to Cookie Clicker but it is also kinda interesting too and the gameplay doesn’t take too long so it is not that boring, nowhere near as bad as Bunny Clicker, Bunny Clicker is the most boring one ever. How good Ice Cream Clicker ends up, well, there are not that many Idle Game Maker games that I know of, it was good enough for me to play it until I got everything and got all the upgrades and achievements that it was possible to get. Although some of them were impossible due to bugs, namely the broken prestige system, where when you buy prestige it gives you something but then takes it away immediately before you can use it, this new currency. And all the missing images, you need to fix that, there are like 30 upgrades that have no images at all for them, which is not good, I mean it is playable, I played it, I bought all those upgrades, but still, that really detracts from the game visually.
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