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raylbraylb Member Posts: 2
Addressing a few things.

For one, I am going to protest something. What? no idea. I just feel like being annoying and fucking with the government. Secondly, I'm going to be as politically correct as possible. I love jews. Third, I have a bottle of water thats been sitting out for over 30 minutes, and I live by a code that I do not drink water, under any damn circumstance, that has been out for more than 30 minutes. Fourth, Fortnite now has Thanos. Great. Thanks, Trump. Bye.


  • iceklausiceklaus Member Posts: 1,188 ✭✭✭
    What about water that has been laying around for 30 minutes?

    Why do you love only jews?

    How can you fuck with a government being politically correct?

    Did you know that "jews" don't really call themselves jews?

    Do you think greed kills more than religion?

    Why isn't the sky purple?
    the ones who dare have lives woth dying for

    shhhhh... nothing to see here
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