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discrepancy between my achievements and the total number of cookies baked

BootinRepressorBootinRepressor Posts: 1Member
Hi everyone,
So I opened cookie clicker about two weeks ago for the first time in about a year. I was happy to see that my progress was not erased, and understood that due to new buildings added to the game I had previous achievements for 150 shipments (for example) while I had less than that now. This is perfectly normal. The weird thing is that I have achievements stating that I baked more than 7 septillion cookies in this ascension (I never ascended if you're wondering), while my total number of cookies baked this ascension isn't even at 1 sextillion cookies. You can see it on these pictures (on imgur, but I can't post links yet): /a/BvTYPQy and /a/xLQefSt just thought I'd report it.

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