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Ideas for new minigames

CartoonCookieCartoonCookie Posts: 12Member ✭✭
The last three minigames have been interesting ways to boost Cookie Clicker's playability, so while waiting to see what comes next, I figured I'd give my ideas for some more minigames.
Cursors-Cookie Maze
Since Cursors are the easiest and simplest items to collect and use, their minigame could be easy and simple. Pretty much you just have to click the right path to get the cookie through the maze. There can be different levels of mazes, some having puzzles and traps to traverse. The higher level of Maze you finish, the higher the reward, and if you fail a higher level, the higher the penalty.

Possible Achievements
A-maze-ing - Finish a maze
Billy Maze- Finish 5 mazes
Theseus- Finish 500 mazes
Labyrinth- Finish 1 maze on each difficulty
Goblin King- Finish 10 mazes on each difficulty
-Baking game
The Grandmas description is that they bake cookies, so why not make their minigame based on baking? You could have ingredients to measure out, then mixing them together, and then baking them. Do well enough on each part, and you earn a lot of extra cookies. But, make a mistake on any part lowers the amount of cookies you receive. There could even be an event during the Grandmapocalypse where if you mess up just once, you get a penalty. You could also get Upgrades or something to get better cooking utensils and other equipment for more cookies.

Possible Achievements
Cookie Dough- Make a fresh batch of cookies
Fresh From the Oven- Make 10 fresh batches of cookies
Pastry Chef- Make 1000 fresh batches of cookies
Elder Sacrifice- Make a fresh batch of cookies during Grandmapocalypse
Master Chef- Use all cooking upgrades
Mines- Ingredient mining
This one is pretty straight forward. You go down into a mineshaft and dig for special ores. Depending on what ores you find will give you different payloads of cookies. You can mine for veins of Sugar Crystals, Chocolate Chips, Marshmallows, and other cookie ingredients/toppings/fillings. You can use and gain different mining tools to better collect the ores. But, be careful you don't mine too much, or you'll cause a cave in and lose all your ore, as well as some cookies.

Possible Achievements
Gold Dust- Dig a mine
Gold Nugget- Dig 10 mines
Gold Rush- Dig 1000 mines
Ain't Whistling Dixie- Mine 1 ore
Caged Canary- Mine 5 ores
Oh! Susanna- Mine all ores
Banks-Stock Market

This minigame has you deposit cookies into the Cookie Stock Market, and by buying and selling stocks, you can gain a lot, a little, or even lose on your original deposit. You can buy multiple stocks over time, and some grow better than others. During a Grandmapocalypse, stocks tend to fail more often, and during a Golden Cookie boost, stocks tend to prosper.

Possible Achievements
Piggy Bank- Buy or Sell a Stock
Bank on it- Buy or Sell 50 Stocks
Swiss Bank Account- Buy or Sell 1000 Stocks
Penny Pincher- Deposit 1 cookie into a Stock
Life Savings- Deposit 1 Quintillion cookies into a Stock
Entrepreneur- Put 1 Million cookies each into all Stocks
Alchemy Labs-Symbol Combination

You're given a set of Alchemy Symbols, and by combining them in certain orders, you can create new cookies, which then give certain boosts and/or extra cookies. If the symbols don't mix properly, then can create negative effects. Some symbol orders can be stacked to a degree, but the risks of failure increase each time.

Possible Achievements
Equivalent Exchange- Create an Alchemy cookie
Golden Touch- Create 10 Alchemy cookies
Philosopher's Stone- Create 1000 Alchemy cookies
Periodic Table- Collect all Alchemy Symbols
Antimatter Condensers-Particle Accelerator

This minigame has you launching two specialty ingredients/toppings/fillings at each other to create new ones, each with their own effects. Each combination gives you a boost or a drawback, depending if they hit just right.

Possible Achievements
Atom Smasher- Create a new particle
Higgs Boson- Create 10 new particles
Big Bang- Create 1000 new particles
Chancemakers-Cookie Roulette

Just as Chancemakers make cookies from luck, this minigame is based off luck as well. Spin the cookie wheel to get a certain prize, both good or bad. The higher your level, the more favorable your spins. The more Chancemakers you have, the more times you get to spin.

Possible Achievements
Lady Luck- Get three wins in a row
Loaded Dice- Get 7 wins in a row
Blackjack- Win 21 Sectillion cookies from wheel

Of course these are just ideas, and probably couldn't be implemented into the game, but it would be nice to think that maybe a future minigame may be influenced by these ideas.
Cartoons and Cookies? What an awesome combination!
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