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Least intrusive fix for cheapcaps sell abuse

TumaluTumalu Posts: 84Member ✭✭
The sell price is based on the cost of the next building, not the cost of the one you're selling. Each building costs 1.15 times as much as the previous one, so you're getting back 0.85×1.15 = 97.75% of the cost.
This is the culprit; not how freely you can freezing/unfreeze your garden as the reddit thread suggested. If a freeze cooldown was the only tweak, it'd still be an obscenely abusive and braindead easy production method; you'd just put slightly more effort in, like planting with nursetulips and maybe using discount aura/spell for way more profit per buy/sell cycle. It would still beat out any conventional methods, with zero influence from your actual cps.

However, if sell price was based on the number of buildings you had and not the next one to buy, you'd only be able to get a profit margin of any significance by swapping Dotjeiess on/off, along with the dragon aura and pixie spellcasting/miscasting, as well as using Nursetulips to raise the efficiency. This would take 2 hours per cycle and a good hunk of effort, and you'd still only make like 10% of your bank in profit per cycle, which doesn't seem so unfair. By the time this is truly more efficient than queenbeet farming, it's likely time you should be ascending anyway- but yet, it's still a somewhat viable option after your bank is huge as heck, which is kind of neat.

tl;dr : Making Earth Shatterer work as advertised (85%), instead of providing a near-total refund of 97.75%, pretty much solves the problem flat-out.


  • LathundLathund Posts: 37Member ✭✭
    Why not both?

    I agree with your conclusion though.
  • HartogHartog Posts: 123Member ✭✭
    Another fix would be to stop counting selling buildings for CBAT purposes. It used to be like this, but nowadays the CBAT does rise (provided your bank > cookies baked this ascension). To me it feels like a clunky loophole to begin with (though it hasn't stopped me from abusing Spontanious Edifice).
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