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new mine minigame

opsylonopsylon Posts: 67Member ✭✭
i think that there should be a minigame for the mines where u can mine out the stuff urself, and each set of 10 pounds u mine out buff ur clicking by 30% for 10 min. also in the mines, u have a chance of finding a broken alchemy lab, a shutdown portal, sugar lumps, a heavenly chip, an everlasting grandma, an everlasting anything, preserved sugar lump tree dna, a temporarry pair of anything unlocked, portal lighting tools, alchemy lab repair kits, a free infinite clicking buff, even a pair of cursers. the everlasting grandma will never be reset in a prestige. neither will the clicking buff. and the more u mine, the more the mines work. this is reset in an ascension. or u can get a free lv. up to an item of ur choice. the possibilities are infinite. even new achievements for finding artifacts, digging to a certain depth, etc.


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