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Is it just me?

Prank_ParadisePrank_Paradise Posts: 16Member ✭✭
edited May 2018 in General Discussion
Is it just me or when the grandmas say for example "you could have stopped it" or "it thought it could get rid of us by selling us" or even "it has betrayed us, filthy little thing" When they say that they are referring to the player right? I dunno I just thought its a little creepy


  • BillaboBillabo Posts: 1,312Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Mod
    They very obviously are. "You could have stopped it" by not buying those grandmapocalypse upgrades. "It thought it could get rid of us by selling us" is added in if you have the achievement for selling at least one grandma. "It has betrayed us, filthy little thing" I think is also from selling a grandma, but I'm not sure.

    It's definitely not just you; it's intentionally referring to the player.
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  • Prank_ParadisePrank_Paradise Posts: 16Member ✭✭
    interesting cookie clicker is definitely not what it seems like from the surface
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