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I really hate how you buy buildings

sgocitysgocity Posts: 10Member
I would love it if when you didn't have enough cookies to buy 10 or 100 of a certain building, it just wouldn't let you buy any at all instead of buying as many as you can afford.

This has bit me in the butt so many times when I get trigger-happy on the mouse and end up spending way more cookies than I had intended to. Or when I'm trying to keep my number of buildings as a multiple of 10 to satisfy Rigidel (I know they don't have to be a multiple of 10, but for me it's just easier that way).

Not to mention the current process is simply a bad design, IMO. If you can't afford 10 buildings, the option is grayed out. That should mean that it doesn't work at all. Not that if you click on it, you buy 7.


  • TumaluTumalu Posts: 84Member ✭✭
    Maybe as a toggle option? I personally enjoy the current function; e.g. right after a reset I can toggle on 100 and spamclick, but I can also understand why someone would want it to not work in that case.
  • ppst112ppst112 Posts: 9Member
    Perhaps the buying of buildings could act as you have sugested when peressing only shift or control, but as many buildings as possible would be bought with a combination (shift+ctrl).
  • sgocitysgocity Posts: 10Member
    @Tumalu Point taken - I can see how the current functionality would be useful. I like the idea of implementing both options.
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