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SandBox: An PBP forum based Rpg Game

EveryThingIsOKEveryThingIsOK Member Posts: 30
edited April 2018 in Playground
Welcome to SandBox. An RPG about manipulating the world around you!

Fight, and Build through Worlds of wonder. Build and craft to your hearts desire. chat and rp in the citys!

to start simply create an SandBox login

Rp name:
age: (dont worry we accept all ages!)
class: (you can create your own if ya want)
Pass: (Needed for login on different profiles.)

and Make sure to read all the rules!:

No NSFW content
No Swearing. if you must do so do it in Strikes
No sex or smut Puh-Lease people!

!cmd (PM's a list of commands)
!admin (request for admin)
!create Type=(Rp Or team) *name*

Everything else is controlled by Auto, lj, luke, or me.
ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ Part of Team Quantum (つ・ ∀ ・)つ
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