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How good is the century egg?

ChampiChampi Member Posts: 7
Desc."You continually gain more CpS the longer you've played in the current session..."
Someone has tested this egg yet?


  • ViniVini Member Posts: 3,579 ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's a +10% CpS bonus after 100 days of having bought it for each ascension, but the bonus scales logarithmically (or at least, slowly enough to be confused for a Log).
    There's no reason to not purchase it as soon as you unlock it.

  • BillaboBillabo Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Posts: 1,306 Mod
    The time is based on the length of the run, not just the time after you bought it. Everything else Vini said is correct.
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