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Saxophone Clicker

Ayfri1015Ayfri1015 Posts: 17Member ✭✭
edited May 2018 in Games
Hi, I'm a little programmer, I'm only 15, French, and I want to create a clicker, I reflect a lot and a friend found the theme Saxophone !
So here I will post the game development ^^

Saxophone Clicker's Change Log

-Added background
-Added button of a saxophone
-Added saxophone resource
-Added animation for buttons
-Remove text and button adds

-Added upgrades
-Added the note building
-Changed the background
-Minor changes

-Added the music sheet building
-Added some achievements
-Minor changes

-Added a lot of upgrades
-Added a lot of achievements
-Added the factory building
-Added a shine
-Change some icons
-Change the strength of upgrades
-Fix some icons error
-Fix some errors in achievements

-Added a lot of upgrades
-Added the futhier building
-Added the epic sax guy building
-Delete a try of an upgrade for now
-Fix a bug
-Fix a lot of upgrades
-Fix the price of the luthier
-Fix the version name
-Little fix
-Optimization in code

-Add the name of the version in the background because there is a bug on the version name
-All building add yield of the saxophone button
-Fix number of upgrades
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