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Idle Game Maker

MCcheezballzMCcheezballz Posts: 1Member
I need help. An error keeps popping up saying:• ERROR when parsing [A valid source file must begin with "Let's make a game!"]. I do have the "Let's make a game!" tag. Here is my code:

Let's make a game!

desc:Don't Spend All In One Place.

desc:Showers and Showers of Coins.

name:Coin Press
desc:All the press you'll ever need.

Please Respond.


  • Contagiously_StupidContagiously_Stupid Posts: 9Member
    Firstly this is for Never Ending legacy posts. The right section is dev lounge. In the subject of your question though, you need to put "by:" not "author:" Rest looks good. Message me when done
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