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New building with minigame!

NeverendingCookieNeverendingCookie Posts: 5Member
Hello! My idea is a dungeon building with a sugar lump minigame. I know the original dungeons were tied to factories and they were a little box in the place where the factories were if I remember correctly. Now with minigames you could re-implement them. Like the grimoire and pantheon, you would put a sugar lump level in dungeons (or factories if you don't want to add a new building) and you get a left-to-right platformer where the dungeons were and you have to get to the other side of the dungeon by jumping on platforms made of cookies and there are many obstacles like spikes and cookie monsters that you have to jump over! I know the original dungeons were different but they were pretty boring. At the end of the dungeon you would get to a chest that has a sugar lump in it! You could get more sugar lumps by getting more dungeon buildings and leveling them up more. There could be lots of different monsters and you could get a cookie sword that can kill them! You could have upgrades for the sword and achievements for completing lots of dungeons and speed running them! Please tell me what you think about my idea.
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