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[Bug] "do effect do effect with thingSelector" doesn't work inside effect "on tick"

mtbmtmtbmt Posts: 14Member
edited March 2018 in Suggestions & Bug Reports
Hi, I think you could help me to solve my current problem.

My idea is:
I have somethings in Building, each do the same action "attack" but with different parameter damage. I can modify $attackDmg formular only 1 time then that affects to all Units I already defined. So I created code like that, but it doesn't work, DPS always return 0.

Please help me to point what is the wrong points?

on attack:
$DmgBuff = 1.1
$attackDmg = $attackDmg*$DmgBuff
on tick:
$attackDmg = 100
do attack with this
yield $attackDmg DPS
on tick:
$attackDmg = 200
do attack with this
yield $attackDmg DPS

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