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new building

opsylonopsylon Posts: 66Member ✭✭
edited March 2018 in Suggestions
i think u should add a building after chancemakers called, "parallel universe taker" it should take cookies from parallel universes before they are eaten. they should cost a fortune and produce a new tier of cookies for buying buildings where they start costing infinity. that then after u get there for all buildings, u can purchase an upgrade to access a cookie converter to convert a lesser cookie to a bigger cookie. then u can buy the infinity buildings

EDIT: this could also be the cookie currency for certian upgrades and u can have new acievements for each new type of cookie. and all upgrades purchased after that building gets to it cost the same amount of the new tier.

parallel unlocked-have 1 parallel universe taker
universe hurt-have 10 parallel universe takers
universe paralized-have 100 parallel universe takers
universe dying-have 125 parallel universe takers
universe collapse- have 500 parallel universe takers
brand new-bake 1 tier 2 cookie
days old- bake 100 tier 2 cookies
weeks old-bake 1,000 tier 2 cookies
months old-bake 1,000,000 tier 2 cookies
been a while-bake 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 tier 2 cookies
new again-bake 1 tier 3 cookie
days gone by-bake 1,000 tier 3 cookies
months past-bake 1,000,000,000 tier 3 cookies
dejavue-bake 1,000 tier 3 cookies
i'm getting old-bake 1 trillion tier 3 cookies
in my death bed-bake 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,210 tier 3 cookies
my great grand son is taking over-bake 100 tier 4 cookies
impossable-bake 900 million tier 4 cookies
my great, great great grand son is old-bake 999 decillion tier 4 cookies
HOW!!!!!??????!!??-bake 1k tier 5 cookies
new recipe-unlock the cookie converter(tier 1)
old becomes new-unlock the cookie converter(tier 2)
OH WOW!!!!!-unlock the cookie converter(tier 3)
im long gone-unlock the cookie converter(tier 4)
my great,great,great,great,great grand children are long gone-unlock the cookie converter(tier 5)
family heirloom-unlock the cookie converter(tier 6)
i worked so hard-assend with 1 decillion tier 2 cookies
im old and tired-assend with 1 decillion tier 3 cookies
im about to die of old age-assend with 1 decillion tier 4 cookies
im his grand son-assend with 1 decillion tier 5 cookies
im his great,great,great grand doughter-assend with 1 decillion tier 6 cookies
1 million years gone by-assend with 1 decillion tier 7 cookies

cookie converter-unlocks the cookie converter(different tier depending on how many times u leveled it up)(cost=1 octillion current tier cookies)
cookie rebirth-lets the parallel universe taker produce next tier of cookies(start at tier 3)(cost=1 octillion current tier cookies)
universe strengthening-parallel universe takers are 2ce as efficient(cost=1 sextillion tier 2 cookies)
better technology-portal, parallel universe taker, antimatter condenser, grandmas, factory, mine, farm, bank, shipment, alchemy lab, and time machine are 2ce as efficient(cost=999,999,999,999,000,000,123 current tier cookies)
sugar rush restock-lets u use the sugar rush again(cost=1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tier 2 cookies)

EDIT2: the mini game could be u trying to get a spaceship around nebulas, black holes, stars, etc. u have to get to the parallel universe portal and back and u are paid in the current tier of cookies being produced by the parallel universe taker.
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  • opsylonopsylon Posts: 66Member ✭✭
    this took a while to type up
  • iceklausiceklaus Posts: 1,188Member ✭✭✭
    Well, it kinda sounds like portals. (as I consider the cookieverse a parallel universe)
    the ones who dare have lives woth dying for

    shhhhh... nothing to see here
  • opsylonopsylon Posts: 66Member ✭✭
    i think of them as a dimension.
  • opsylonopsylon Posts: 66Member ✭✭
    obviously there could be a ton of new jokes, more acievements than listed, and way more upgrades than listed.
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