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sorry but i have so many different ideas

opsylonopsylon Posts: 67Member ✭✭
edited March 2018 in Suggestions
i think u should add different types of sugar lumps that unlock as u prestige further. and u can have all past growing and use all unlocked to upgrade ur buildings. and then at a certain lv. of building, they require a certain sugar lump and above, but none below. then once u have enough of an old type u can create a new type. and take the sugar lump trees comment and add on to it. u should make it so that u can have prestige upgrades for sugar lumps. a speed upgrade in how fast they grow for each tier and multiple of them but 1 cannot be used for an old or new type. and then there are prestige upgrades for the cost of the leveling up. then u can add a sugar lump shop for upgrades that are unlocked by harvesting a certain amount of sugar lumps. they should also be able to lv. up the manual clicking(i got this from someone else). i may add more things in the future
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