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Domo clicker V1.0.3

Benbomb12Benbomb12 Posts: 5Member
Prolouge: You are the first astronaut to Pluto, you thought being an astronaut was cool because you got away from people, so they sent you out to be the first one on Pluto. But when you landed something seemed off, you heard weird noises in the distance, you went to investigate and found a big brown thing with arms and legs, they seemed friendly so you investigated and all they said was "Domo" so that's what you named them, they seemed very gullible so you decided to get them to work for you and to take over the human race, and that's your mission, to make as many domo as humanly possible and maybe one day take over the human race! (But I hope you guys enjoy this, I had to re upload because it got deleted or something)

game link: copy and paste E2KAzfMp , or if someone can post the link then thanks

Latest patch notes:


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