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A few suggestions

YouCanNotKnowYouCanNotKnow Posts: 2Member
Just a few suggestions for legacy

1. Birth
Make birth happen more often. Its really hard to get people to do things when you dont have people. Maybe just do a little more or make more babies be born the more adults.
2. Faster fast forward
Make another fast forward thats like 100x or maybe even one thats 1000x. This would make the game less waiting for people to grow up.
3. More/better policies
I dont know what could be added but i dont find some of the policies useful (most of the food ones). If you read the tutorial it would say "start with some gatherers" and if you have those youre likely to be fine with food. Im not saying remove them but maybe get some better policies or more policies.



  • YouCanNotKnowYouCanNotKnow Posts: 2Member
    Alright so i learned a solution for the birth problem so if anybody else is having problems with getting people then look here if you see this. Keep researching stuff until you get homes and then make a ton of homes. Then youll get tons of people (unless it boomed when i got homes which i doubt)
  • SekhmetSekhmet Posts: 172Member ✭✭
    In my opinion, 1 is useless. If your people are happy and have enough homes, they will make babies, and there is a ritual that helps boost fertility.

    For the 2, I don't know. I don't use much the "classical" fast forward button, so I don't have the impression that having a "even faster forward" button would be useful, but it could be the case for some players.

    I totally agree for the 3! There have been suggestions such as:
    - eating or not herbs (since it makes people unhappy)
    - focus gathering on some particular things (that could be just a special type of gatherer), such as water (for dry tiles) or food (for tiles with a lack of food)
    - other eating policies,
    - focusing more on some particular type of evolution (eg: survival, culture, technology... that would boost a little bit some jobs, or increasing the chances of getting a new trait...)

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