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dungons(i have 50 factories)

opsylonopsylon Posts: 67Member ✭✭
i have 50 factories, now how do i access the dungons? i just found the version. plz respond. i admit i am a noob at this part


  • opsylonopsylon Posts: 67Member ✭✭
    plz comment i need help
  • SekhmetSekhmet Posts: 172Member ✭✭
    Please, keep in mind that people posting here do it on their free time. They are not paid for it, and adding "plz respond" to your post really does not give you good chances of having an answer.

    And for your question, dungeons have been abandoned by orteil a long time ago. I think you can still play dungeons by adding /betadungeons to the cookie clicker URL.
  • opsylonopsylon Posts: 67Member ✭✭
    ok thx and i will keep that in mind
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