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Pantheon achievements

dparejadpareja Posts: 460Member ✭✭✭
So it probably hasn't escaped anyone's notice that there are exactly zero achievements related to the Pantheon, compared to three for the Grimoire. Therefore, I am suggesting these achievements for the Pantheon, one for each Spirit:

Broken vow: Click a golden cookie while Holobore is slotted.
Ascetic: Leave Vomitrax slotted for twenty-four hours without clicking a golden cookie.
Swinging for the cycle: Leave Cyclius slotted for twenty-four hours.
Laziness: Leave Dotjeiess slotted for twenty-four hours without buying a building.
The devil's tools: Leave Muridal slotted for twenty-four hours without clicking the big cookie.
Unindustrious: Slot Jeremy while owning no buildings other than a single Temple.
Dry udder: Slot Mokalsium while owning no kitten upgrades (other than Kitten angels).
A woman scorned: Slot Skruuia while not in the Grandmapocalypse.
Ordered sugar: Let a sugar lump harvest automatically while Rigidel is slotted and active.
Ruinous: Leave Godzamok slotted for twenty-four hours without selling a building.
Bah, humbug!: Leave Selebrak slotted for twenty-four hours while not in any season.


  • SekhmetSekhmet Posts: 172Member ✭✭
    Good idea. It is true that this minigame lacks achievement, and I like your ideas: not terribly hard to obtain, but still needs "working on". :)
  • adam_antichristadam_antichrist Posts: 531Member ✭✭✭
    I'm not sure about those as achievements. I think something a bit more challenging would be more appropriate eg "earning x cookies from Moocalcium" or "slot x spirits in one ascension" would be more reasonable.

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