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Started game Feb 11. Valentine's Season is still going in my game on Feb. 20!

HTownPokeMomHTownPokeMom Member Posts: 2
edited February 2018 in Bug Reports
I just started playing this game. I have not closed the window/game since I started playing 9 days and 9 hours ago. I can't remember if Valentine's Day season was going as soon as I started playing, but it seems to be endless at this point! I guess I will close the game and reopen and see what happens, but I kinda liked having it going this long. I've baked 73 trillion cookies, which is not much really. And it won't take 9 days to get back to that amount.

I searched but I didn't see anything else like this for Valentine's. I didn't dig too far to see if this has happened with people beginning the game during other seasons.


  • HTownPokeMomHTownPokeMom Member Posts: 2
    Closed and reopened the game. It's back to normal.
  • BillaboBillabo Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Posts: 1,306 Mod
    edited February 2018
    Yep, the way "natural" seasons work is they update when you load the game.

    I kinda liked having it going this long.

    Good news! Once you have enough heavenly chips from ascending, you can buy the Season Switcher, which lets you change seasons at will, for a small payment of cookies. If you don't know what heavenly chips are, don't worry about it and keep playing; you'll get to that point eventually.
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