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New idea: "descending"

SystematiKSystematiK Member Posts: 7
I had an idea for "descending" in Cookie Clicker. It would be kind of like ascending, but is based on how many Heavenly Cookies you bake in the ascension tree (we would need to bring those back), and you lose all Heavenly Upgrades purchased upon descending. (You keep Prestige.) In return, you will get Super Prestige (basically 10x Prestige) and Divine Chips (like Heavenly Chips, but for the descendent skill tree.) The button to descend would be located under the upgrades, and would be unlocked after 3 ascensions. Upon descending, the cookie would slowly fade and shrink out of existence, then the screen would flash white and go to the heavenly upgrades. The "branches" of the upgrade tree would then shrink back into the Legacy upgrade, then the screen would flash white again, then go dark for a few seconds. An entirely new skill tree of descendent upgrades would then pop up. Here are some examples of the upgrades:

1) Ultra Legacy: The first divine upgrade. You would need to purchase this before buying anything else. Cost: 1 divine chip. "You have ascended from ascending... okay."

2) Upgrade Preservers: Lets you preserve heavenly upgrades upon descending, kind of like the permanent upgrade slots in ascension. You would be able to buy five before becoming eligible to buy the Elder Upgrade Preserver, which lets you keep all your heavenly upgrades upon descending. Cost: First one is 7, then 16, then 34, then 70, then 142, then 1144 divine chips.

3) Bingo aptitude: Allows the Bingo Center to be purchased much earlier, with it (and all its upgrades) turning 10 times cheaper immediately. Cost: 66 divine chips. "I can use these divine chips as bingo chips."

There would be others, but those are just some examples.

Reset: Descend once.
Judgement days: Descend 10 times.
Everything old is new again: Descend 100 times. "Going backward when forwards fails." (Shadow Achievement)
Wiped: Descend with 100,000 heavenly cookies baked.
All gone: Descend with 10 million heavenly cookies baked.
Infinite void: Descend with 1 billion heavenly cookies baked.
The final hour: Descend with 100 billion heavenly cookies baked.
Grand finale: Descend with 10 trillion heavenly cookies baked.
True obliteration: Descend with 1 quadrillion heavenly cookies baked.
Too much free time: Descend with 100 quadrillion heavenly cookies baked. "Dude, thanks for giving us so much money in ad revenue, but... go to bed." (Shadow Achievement)


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