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(Game) Travel Agency Manager V1.0

DtjiPsimfansDtjiPsimfans Posts: 211Member ✭✭
edited April 2018 in Games
Hello everyone, here is my brand new game. The game is about managing a travel agency and earning as much money as possible. Here are the features of this game.

- 45 Buildings (Routes named from A1 to O3)
- 43 Upgrades
- 40 Achievements
- 3 Resources (Dollars, Vehicles, and Workers).

To play the game, go to the link below.

Additional information: The link to the game is also shown in a post by the FB page Dtjipsimfansgames. Hope you visit the FB page too.
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  • goeddekgoeddek Posts: 29Member ✭✭
    So after playing it through in more or less 5h i must say its really good, different resources made it more enjoyable. But you need to work on the balance, it starts slow, but the click updates make you too fast to powerful... Otherwise was it a game which i let mostly idle in the background and for the first 3h it worked fine (until the upgrades threw the balance). I quite enjoyed it till that point...

    Some minor cosmetic critiques:

    - Upgrades owned / not owned not differentiable
    - The names for the roads are ugly, maybe use famous road names (if your game is already called travel agency)
    - some graphics could be nicer

    So now i am happy to wait for the next iteration :-)
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