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Grave Glitch -- Legacy

ace1305ace1305 Posts: 4Member
Is it normal that graves in the stats pane slowly dissapear but not in the Production tab? Anyone know why this is happening?
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  • SekhmetSekhmet Posts: 172Member ✭✭
    I have an idea why: graves should disappear after some time, to make space for new things (and freeing space, otherwise you would have only graves at the end of the game). However, it seems that they forgot to remove them in the production tab, or could not do it for some reason. Maybe to keep track of built graves? I don't know.

    I hope they find a way to "fix" that ;).
  • LynthLynth Posts: 2Member
    I'm only early-mid game still, and this feels like a feature, not a bug, but I definitely agree that either way, it's a problem. I'm trying to idle my game and I keep getting unburied corpses despite having 20 graves in the production tab and only 5 used burial plots.

    I've found that I can work around this by letting a handful of corpses build up, clearing and then rebuilding my graves. The only problem with this is
    now my villagers believe in revenants
    which is why this feels intentional.
  • ace1305ace1305 Posts: 4Member
    Thanks for your contributions!
    Let's stop global warming!
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