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Sugar Lump Trees

SansGeek456SansGeek456 Posts: 53Member ✭✭
Unlocked by Getting 100 Sugar Lumps. They grow .2 times faster every time you upgrade them. Sorta like Santa and Krumblor in a way.


  • blank3tm0nst3rblank3tm0nst3r Posts: 109Member ✭✭
    I like the idea of a Santa/Krumblor like mechanic for Sugar Lumps, especially if you have to spend Lumps to make Lumps. The more you invest, the faster they will grow.
  • SansGeek456SansGeek456 Posts: 53Member ✭✭
    Thanks for your opinion.
  • opsylonopsylon Posts: 67Member ✭✭
    i think it is a good idea, but u could add the feature to buy them for an insane amount of cookies and also buy the upgrades to make them reach full capacity. the upgrades should last for 4 assentions and they unlock new sugar lump acievements.
    1 sugar lump tree=3,000,000,000,000 cookies+1,000,000 every purchase/100 sugar lumps+50 every purchase
  • opsylonopsylon Posts: 67Member ✭✭
    i do not spell well plz ignore that
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