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Legacy or Cookie Clicker?

ace1305ace1305 Posts: 4Member
edited February 2018 in Playground
Alright, so I've been playing Cookie Clicker and Legacy for a while, and I was wondering: what do people think about those two games? Which is better? To answer that question, I've set up a poll for all of Orteil and Opti's projects and collecting results for what people think about those projects. Please vote and maybe we can finally determine the best game!

Thanks in advance for voting!
Let's stop global warming!

Legacy or Cookie Clicker? 11 votes

Cookie Clicker (v.20042)
63% 7 votes
NeverEnding Legacy (Alpha Patch 6)
18% 2 votes
18% 2 votes
Tea Party
0% 0 votes
Call me Shirley
0% 0 votes
Turtle Toy
0% 0 votes
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