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[SOLVED] Button Icon not visible, but clickable

Alanor_Alanor_ Posts: 10Member
edited March 2018 in Developer's Lounge
Hello, I'm making my first IGM game and the first thing I saw when loading it was, that I can't see the big Button to mine weed (my main resource), but I can click it. The icon is shown in the tooltip when hovering the weed button. Also the little pixelated icon for the resources display isn't visible, but it's there. I think they both are somehow hidden by another box. Plz help me...
EDIT: It also can't be my stylesheet, because it didn't work before I made an own stylesheet and used the default (bigBlue.css) and the
Layout use default
Here's the code:
Gamedata: pastebin com/A7sZbWHM
CSS Stylesheet: pastebin com/cAyFiejU
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